Please read terms and conditions specified below carefully prior to purchasing an air balloon flight with Air Kapadokya Balloons by using our online channel. These terms and conditions apply to all bookings, regardless of the sales channel used. By using our website, you warrant and assert that you are legally eligible to enter in binding contacts and responsible for all payments which incur to you as a result of your booking.


1.1. In order to secure your booking, payment in full must be made online through your credit card, unless otherwise agreed by the company. All hot air balloon flights are subject to availability. By using our website to make your payment, you confirm that the account holder or cardholder associated with the booking has approved and authorised such payment.


2.1. Pick-up and drop-off times are subject to change. Customers will be informed through email one day before their scheduled flight. Based on estimations of travelling distances, pick-up times are scheduled by our expert operators and advised to customers in good faith. However, sometimes traffic on the route and one-way systems may cause slight delays. Since such delays are beyond the reasonable control of the company, Air kapadokya Balloons will not be liable for any inconvenience occurred in those circumstances.


3.1. The company accept no responsibility for any lost or stolen luggage/personal belongings.


4.1.’s currency converter uses daily TCBM’s (Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey) exchange rates. For online payments, the supported exchange rates are listed as follows:

  • Turkish Lira (TL)

  • Dollar (USD)

  • Euro (EUR)

4.2. If your local currency is not supported as an eligible payment method on our website, your bank may impose additional currency conversion fees on your total payment and refunds. We are not liable to pay you compensation for potential deductions associated with currency conversion fees.

4.3. If the value of the currency you used when booking declines after the conversion,  you will have incurred a foreign exchange loss when receiving your refund. In such a case, we are not responsible to pay you compensation for any losses incurred to you due to currency fluctuations.