Hot air balloons use liquid propane to heat the air. As the air is heated, its density decreases. The hot air flows into the envelope and lifts the balloon upward.

Hot air balloons’ flight route is determined by the wind. Pilots are unable to steer hot air balloons towards a certain direction but only descend or ascend.

There are three hot air balloon manufacturers in the world: Cameron Balloons (England), Ultramagic Balloons (Spain) and Kubicek Balloons (Czech Republic). Air kapadokya balloon’ fleet mostly consists of hot air balloons produced by Ultramagic Balloons.

Balloon prices vary according to passenger capacity. Small air balloons for individual use range from € 30,000 to € 50,000, while large balloons for commercial use range from € 120,000 to € 200,000.

Hot air balloons generally are made from hyperlast due to its superior durability. Hyperlast is proven to be the strongest fabric and greatest performer compared to others. All of our balloons are made all-Hyperlast for higher longevity.

Commercial hot air balloons typically fly between 5,000 and 6,000 feet — about 0.9 to 1.1 miles.

The lifespan of a hot air balloon varies depending on in which conditions it is used and what kind of fabric is used in the envelope. On average, a commercial hot air balloon is operable for 1300 hours.

There are many factors determining the fuel efficiency of a hot air balloon, such as the quality of the fabric, basket size, the shape of the balloon envelope. Therefore, each hot air balloon has a different level of fuel consumption. On average, a commercial hot air balloon with the capacity between 24-32 passengers typically uses approximately 400 litres of propane per hour.

In the event of cancellation due to unsafe weather conditions, we will provide a full refund for your cancelled flight. Alternatively, depending on the seat availability of the next day, we might be able to reschedule your cancelled flight. In the off-season, we mostly can offer an alternative flight for our unlucky customers while in the peak season, we’re less likely to be able to reschedule cancelled flights.

In Turkey, hot air balloon firms are required by the Turkish Civil Aviation Laws to provide insurance for their passengers. Urgup Balloons and the whole fleet are insured by the largest insurance firm of Turkey, Eureko (Achmea). This insurance protection provides comprehensive coverage for the whole feet, valued at €30.000 for each passenger.

In Cappadocia, hot-air-balloons mostly fly shortly before and after sunrise. Take-off times vary between 5:00 - 7:00 AM depending on the season. We rarely organise afternoon flights in winter season depending on the suitability of weather conditions.

Since hot-air-balloons are not equipped with a mechanism for steering, pilots are unable to land on a particular site. Once the pilot has completed his/her one hour of flight duty, they begin looking for a suitable spot to land taking its distance and altitude from the balloon into account. After determining a landing point, the pilot commences descending the balloon for landing by cooling off the air inside the balloon.

In Cappadocia, all hot air balloon flights are conducted under the control of Turkey’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation. Hot air balloon firms are not given the right or authority to decide whether the weather conditions permit to fly. After a thorough weather check, the Civil Aviation determines whether the hot air balloons can fly.

To reduce air traffic, the Turkish Civil Aviation controls the frequency of air balloon flights and their timings in Cappadocia. The Turkish Civil Aviation defines two pre-agreed take-off times in a sequence, in which air balloon firms are allowed to plan a flight. There is a 30 minute difference between the first and second flight. The first flight generally refers to sunrise flight while the second flight is known as late morning flight.

The wind speed sometimes can vary significantly at low altitudes, which cause bumpy landings. Passengers may experience a bump when landing if the speed of the wind suddenly increases at the altitude of 1-2 metres. However, this does not concern a safety risk for passengers on condition that they abide by the safety rules and instructions.

Hot air ballooning is an incredibly safe activity. Unlike other types of aircraft (helicopter, plane, gliders), hot air balloons have significantly less mechanical components, therefore, involve a minimum level of risk from its equipment. Furthermore, hot air ballooning is strictly regulated in Turkey by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Some Cappadocia-specific features make hot air ballooning even safer. Ever wonder why Cappadocia has become the hub of hot air balloons? The answer lies in the ideal geographical features of Cappadocia for ballooning. It offers the most suitable weather conditions (light winds, dry, blue skies) and topographic characteristics (large plains over valleys for safe landing) for ballooning in the world, permitting to fly approximately 220 days over a year.

Even though there is no legal restriction on pregnant women to fly with a balloon, we are unable to carry women passengers who past the 6th week of their pregnancy due to our commitment to safety. In case of an emergency landing, all passengers must adopt the landing position which requires them to bend their knees fully. Based on our observations, pregnant women with a large baby bump struggle to take the landing position since it puts pressure on the abdominal region. Due to their inability to properly adopt the landing position, we pursue this policy to avoid potential risks.

Children under 5 years of age are not allowed to participate in hot-air-balloon flights. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult. You must be at least 1.3m tall and able to adopt the landing position when needed.

Locations eligible for complimentary pick up & drop off services are Goreme, Uchisar, Urgup, Nevsehir, Mustafapasa, Ortahisar, Avanos, Cavusin, Ulaslı. Pick up and drop off service to any other hotel located outside of the previously specified towns are subject to additional charges.

You might be charged reissue fee if the date you wish to reschedule your original flight is in peak season. Please note that booking changes are subject to seat availability.