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Flight Insurance

Insurance included

Flight Duration

1,5 Hours

Flight Type

Private Flight

Basket Capacity


This is one of the best way to start a day in cappadocia.

In this package, you will be alone in the basket and you can able to celebrate your special days.

We will come to pick you up from your hotel appromaxtly 1 hour before, than you will visit our office to have light breakfast and waitting flight permission.

While in this time, our pilots will decide for take-off point. We take-off different places every morning according the wind direction to make better flight.

After flight permission, We will take you to take-off point to watch preparrring of balloons than you will be flying 1,5 hour.

End of the landing, we will make champagne celebration and we will give you flight certificate to not forget this moment than we will take you to your hotels back.

What is included
  • snack breakfast
  • hotel pıck up
  • hotel return
  • flight certificate
  • non-alcoholic champagne
What is exluded
  • video or photo

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