How Do I Cancel My Reservation?

If you decide to cancel your flight, you can do so without any cancelation fee upto 1 week prior to the flight day. However, all cancelations made in less than 1 week to the flight day will cause a 20% penalty and 48 hours to the flight day will cause 100% penalty charge on your credit card.

If the flight cancelled because of weather conditions, we do not charge any amount from our clients.

When Do We Fly?

We schedule flights early in the morning, seven days a week, year-round. Our each flight is custom tailored to the weather conditions of the day by our experienced pilots.

Hot air balloons are completely dependant on the wind. In other words we do exactly what the wind does. As the sun heats the earth the air begins to boil just like a pot of water. Early morning air is best for your safety. The first hour of light in the morning is the safest time of the day.

Why Do Flights Take Place So Early In The Morning?

Balloons need stable winds to operate effectively and the hours just following sunrise are the best for finding these winds. Since balloons move with the air, the weather is very important in deciding to whether or not to fly. The pilot chooses a launch site to use the wind currents to fly towards a suitable landing site. 

Who Can Fly In A Balloon?

To fly in a balloon you must be at least 6 years of age, and we ask that our younger passengers (under 16 years of age) are accompanied by a responsible adult of 18 years or over. Passengers should be at least 4’6″ tall, so they can see over the edge of the basket and are able to adopt the landing position. There is no upper age limit.

Is Hot Air Ballooning Safe?

Relax. The hot air balloon is an extremely safe activity. We are commercially insured for flight, road transport and tracking crew teams. Zeus Balloon Flights are insured for third party and passenger liability. A modern fleet of hot air balloons that pass the FAA inspections by experienced and friendly pilots practicing smart air ballooning.

Can We Get A Balloon Just For Our Family?

Yes we call that a private balloon. Our balloons come in several sizes. We will use the sizes or combination of sizes that best suits the number of people who are scheduled for that day. Please check our Private Flight 

What Type Of Clothing Should I Wear?

Wear something warm as it will probably be cold when we start out. It might be a good idea to bring a hat of some kind as the heat from the burner flame can sometimes be quite noticeable. Also, you will need a pair of good, sturdy shoes.

Do You Offer Breakfast?

Yes, we have light breakfast for you 

How Do Hot Air Balloons Fly?

In a hot air balloon, a gas burner is used to heat the air air to a temperature of about 100°C (212°F). Since hot air is lighter and less dense than the cool air around the balloon, the heated air causes the whole balloon to rise. When the air inside the balloon cools down, or when the hot air is let out, the balloon goes down.